What’s on in Liverpool: January

There’s loads happening in and around Liverpool in 2018. We’ll be posting some of our best picks here.

12th January: a new exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery in Mann Island, The Pier Head by Tom Wood, charting 25 years in photos through the 70s and 80s, taken on his daily commute on the Mersey Ferry. On until 25th March, free entry.

18th January: RIBA North West presents ‘Entrepreneurship: Creativity + Innovation‘, 5.30-8pm at Mann Island in Liverpool, speakers include Granby Workshop‘s Sumuyya Khader, free entry but you must book.

25th January: The Beautiful Ideas Company, in collaboration with Folken, is … Read on

Things that I found in the bin…

Missy is our resident scrounger, and anyone who has ever visited us here at Wordscapes Towers (unofficial name, others for consideration are Wordscapia, Scapesterland, and Battle Mountain) will have witnessed her sniffing around anyone eating any food as if she were a beggar from a Dickens novel. When Missy’s human-mum Fiona isn’t looking, she can often be found trying to bounce into our rubbish, hoping to feast on some juicy delicious bin morsels (which as every dog knows are at least 80% more delicious than conventional foods).

So far, the most interesting things that Missy has found in the bin have … Read on

A long time ago…

A space opera. Akira Kurosawa with lasers. Cowboys in the cosmos. A family drama concerning a big part-robot bloke with invisible magic powers and chronic asthma, his estranged Princess/General/breakfast pastry coiffed daughter, and simple blue-milk drinking yokel farmhand son with a sword made out of a big torch. These are all adequate and accepted definitions of the Star Wars saga, and when you look at it, it is a series that really shouldn’t have worked.

But it did. Oh boy did it work.

40 years, four and a half films (we don’t include the prequels round these parts, and Rogue One was … Read on

Lego sets I want to make next

I love making Lego. I made a Lego VW T1 Camper Van recently that had curtains. Yes, you read that right, the Lego Camper Van I made recently has Lego curtains. There’s every chance I’ll be back at the Lego shop before the years out to treat myself to a new set. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on.


MINI Cooper

Not only do you get to make the MINI but this set also comes with a mini lego picnic basket with a lego baguette and lego bottle of lego wine in it. Dear Santa….



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Web Summit 2017

“Our world is now in the early stages of a sustainability revolution, that has the magnitude of the Industrial Revolution, but the speed of the digital revolution.” – Al Gore, Web Summit, 2017.

Earlier this year we were given the opportunity to attend Web Summit, the world’s biggest tech conference which takes place each November in Lisbon, as representatives of women in tech. Of course, when the email invitation came through, we bit their virtual hands off, and on 5 November, Fiona and I set our alarms at 4am to catch our early morning flight to the summit. And what an … Read on

October one-pots

The nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air. What better way to celebrate getting home from work than with one of these tasty one-pot teas?

Chorizo, chicken and chickpea
This BBC Food chorizo, chicken and chickpea classic from celebrity chef Simon Rimmer is perfect for this time of year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/chorizochickenandchi_87895

Tomato and basil risotto
This tomato and basil risotto that you literally put in a pot and leave is  original from Delicious magazine, and we spotted it on The Pool: https://www.the-pool.com/food-home/recipes/2017/42/no-stir-tomato-and-basil-risotto

Sausage, apple and potato one-pot
A Wednesday night tea if ever we saw one… What could be more … Read on

The return of Folken

In 2016, in partnership with Laura Brown and the Beautiful Ideas Company, we launched an event series called Folken.

Folken means ‘group of folk’ (and if it doesn’t officially, it should) and our aim for Folken was straightforward. As a business, and individually, we’ve worked in a number of sectors and themes across our careers – arts and culture, social enterprise, startups, placemaking and media, to name a few – and we’d been having the same conversations with people in these sectors over the years. Conversations about funding, our city, and what it meant to be a grassroots … Read on

What’s on in October?

So, what does October hold for Liverpool? From innovation to the Irish festival and photography to Folken’s return,
we’ve picked out some of the city’s goings on this month…

4 October, Liverpool Town Hall
Engage Liverpool is always a good source of city living conversations. Its next event, at Liverpool Town Hall, looks at Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, and what it’s all about: http://www.kin2kin.co.uk/events/engage-liverpool-unesco-world-heritage-site-whats-it-all-about/

11 October (and November), Make Liverpool
Our Folken makes a welcome return this month under custodian Make Liverpool. You’ll see Andrew Beattie blogging about it soon, too. In the meantime, you can sign up for the … Read on

Own your space

As the summer bumbles to a close and we embrace the impending cool autumn ahead, we’ve been using our storytelling skills to celebrate the notion of placemaking. There is a growing movement around placemaking, whether on a local level like the wonderful Granby Four Streets (covered in the Ethos Magazine ‘People Power’ special) or globally, like the work being done by the Project for Public Spaces (PPS) in the United States.

Placemaking is taking the time-honoured tradition of community spirit and allowing it to flourish in a post-globalisation world. It puts the power back in the hands of … Read on

September: stationery

We’re in the final throes of summer, and as the back-to-school bell tolls, the shops are brimming with brand-new, quirky and unusual stationery – who doesn’t love this time of year? And while most of us are hanging onto our hats in this windy weather, it’s keeping hold of your handbag that could prove more important… There’s nothing quite like starting a crisp new page of your brand-new notebook, with your new favourite pen. Here at Wordscapes we’ve selected some of our September favourites…

1. Plan ahead…

This 2018 year planner is the perfect visual prompt for the year ahead. Finished with … Read on