What’s on: June

Finally, the weather appears to be turning and becoming consistently warm. I have to admit I was getting bored of the winter/summer wardrobe shuffle, and having to resort to wearing a ridiculous quantity of layers on the offchance that the day ended warmer than it started. And given that 1st June is Go Barefoot Day, the timing is pretty good. Other celebratory days to look out for during June include Hug Your Cat Day (like we need any excuse) on 4th, Ball Point Pen Day (hands up if you remember ballpoint pens) on 10th and Take Your Dog to … Read on

Awesome Foundation clocks up £25,000 support in Liverpool 

Awesome Foundation clocks up £25,000 support in Liverpool

In February this year a group of ten people in Liverpool gave away £500 of their own cash to help fund the Nasty Women exhibition in Liverpool. In the process, they raised the overall total that they, Awesome Liverpool, have given away to support projects to £25,000 in the four years since they formed.

I joined Awesome Liverpool as a Trustee in late 2014, a couple of months after they formed, and have been an on-and-off trustee and ardent supporter since. I joined initially because I was thrilled to be … Read on

Books written by women…

Books written by women…

What are your favourite books? Are they written by a man, or a woman? Or don’t you know? Or care? The numbers tell us that women buy and read more books than men. But women, by and large, get shoved to the literary sidelines. Women will read books written by women. And – astoundingly – they’ll read books written by men. But men don’t tend to read books by women. Or so the received wisdom goes.

So the good folk of the Hay Festival, and one of my favourite websites, The Pool, have partnered up to … Read on

Wordscapes manifesto

What makes us tick?

Last year we started thinking about writing a manifesto. We’d worked on a couple of projects which hadn’t turned out as we’d expected, for one reason or another, and we were trying to work out why… what was it about them that didn’t quite sit right? Or hadn’t finished as we intended? I’m sure everyone’s had work that – even though the client’s pleased with the outcome – you know you could improve, or might have done differently, with the benefit of blissful hindsight.

And while we all have dream clients, it wasn’t about that, either… So we … Read on

Instagram inspiration

Instagram inspiration

Instagram is, in truth, the only social network I bother with. While I’ll dive down the Twitter rabbit hole about once a week, when I’ve got plenty of time, and Facebook’s myriad issues are well documented, Instagram provides a constant stream of inspiration and, well, joy… From travel destinations and delicious design to food, ideas and interiors, these are some of the accounts that bring a smile to my face…    

Swiss Type Faces


As a print lover and mad typography fan, Switzerland is the cradle of the modern printing industry (Basel’s type
museum is one … Read on

What’s on: May

May is one of the best months of the year, IMHO. And not just because of the two bank holidays, but it’s also the real start of things happening around the city. May – July in Liverpool is chock full of lovely events, there really is something to suit everyone. Other things to celebrate in May include Get Caught Reading Month and Deck Safety Month. In case you have managed to keep up your diet from New Year, you have a day off on No Diet Day (6th), not forgetting Bike to Work Day on 18th and, of course, internationally-renowned … Read on


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

For a while, I thought GDPR was the latest work-related dance banter craze for teams, like early morning porridge networking, silent discos or business ping pong tournaments for charity, such was the ferocity of the invites we received to attend events based on it earlier in the year.

But my relief at realising that it had nothing to do with 7:30am breakfast networking was tempered by the fact that GDPR is actually one of the most important new legislation things that we’ll be facing in 2018, and beyond, as … Read on

Avengers Infinity War and the MCU

In 2008 I went to the cinema with my Dad to watch the first Iron Man film. After taking a moment to compose myself and try and compute what I’d just witnessed after the film finished, I stood to leave. My Dad grabbed my sleeve and told me to sit back down. ‘Something awesome happens after the credits have finished,’ he said. He wasn’t wrong.

Shortly after announcing to the world that he was Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark returns home. Walking back into his darkened living room he notices a figure standing in the darkness. That figure turns … Read on

What’s on: April

April brings us the requisite showers (let’s face it, that’s every month in the UK) but also Caramel Popcorn Day and Plan your Epitaph Day (6th), and Tangible Karma Day and – more importantly – No Housework Day and Beer Day on the 7th. We’re fairly sure these aren’t mutually exclusive. And, my personal favourite, Jelly Bean Day on 22nd. So much to look forward to.

5-8 April: ‘Heritage on the Dock‘, Albert Dock. Sightseers will be able to see the wider waterfront, and by taking a Blue Badge guided Albert Dock heritage tour visitors will hear about dock-based Leather … Read on

Kiva and International Women’s Day

When I was a student in Russia many years ago, International Women’s Day was definitely a thing. At the time it meant that women were given the day off from household chores and men bought them flowers. Internationally though, it still wasn’t really a thing. Fortunately, that has changed and now 8th March is celebrated worldwide for what it truly stands for – a day to acknowledge the vital contribution that women make to the world continuing to turn on its axis. Of course, it’s also the day that the comedian and broadcaster Richard Herring spends on Twitter responding … Read on