Beauty Banks

Beauty Banks was set up in early 2018 with the aim of tackling hygiene poverty, following some crazy statistics about the number of girls missing school due to not being able to afford sanitary products. Once the co-founders, Jo Johnson and Sali Hughes, started to look into the issue further, they were quite shocked to discover via food banks and homeless shelters that people living in poverty often understandably have to prioritise eating over hygiene. Emma Jones recently wrote about the work of Beauty Banks in Ethos, which you can read here. You can follow their work on … Read on

8. Our best relationships are strategic, not tactical. We work better in partnership – sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s our responsibility to do more than just carry out instructions. We’re not just here to make you happy – but we’ll happily have an after-work drink with you.

Our best relationships are strategic, not tactical. We work better in partnership – sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s our responsibility to do more than just carry out instructions. We’re not just here to make you happy – but we’ll happily have an after-work drink with you.

We say ‘why?’ more than ‘yes’ when we’re asked to do bits of work, and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to do so. That goes for clients, and each other.

The strategy, the overarching ‘why’, dictates both the direction of travel for a project, but also the individual bits of work within it. … Read on

What’s on: January

Another year, another roundup of events happening in the local area. I’m not sure where last year went, but boy did it go quick! This is the last of these events pages in this format, keep an eye out in January for a new style What’s On page. I can’t promise there’ll be fewer cat-related days featured though…

January brings us another studio favourite, Houseplant Appreciation Day, on 10th, which celebrates me not being allowed them because I kill them, but my colleagues appreciating what they add to the environment around us. And a new year wouldn’t be a … Read on

The Greatest…Musical Movies?

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Hamilton in London last month. It was amazing – a mixture of singing, rapping and dancing, conveying a story I didn’t know with precision, clarity and humour. It got me thinking about musical films. At this time of year, the TV schedules often feature musical films as they tend to be family-friendly and joyous, with the odd exception. I’m looking at you, Les Mis.

The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams and Zac Efron was released worldwide towards the end of 2017 and was still showing to mostly-full … Read on

One Voice, Multiple Voices

On a recent trip to Lisbon, I stumbled across Fernando Pessoa, Portugal’s most famous poet, translator, publisher, literary critic and philosopher. I’m not really one for poetry, and that wasn’t what captured my imagination. It was his story which fascinated me. Apart from writing great poetry, he was known for writing under several alter egos, or ‘heteronyms’ as he called them. He was a prolific writer, as himself and as at least (as far as academics can ascertain) seventy-five other personalities. He wrote in Portuguese, English and French.

If you purchase of any Pessoa’s collected works it will include poetry by … Read on

Prohibition – good for business?

The word ‘ban’ is a particularly emotive word, and us humans are particularly curious beings; we always want what we can’t have… With that in mind, we take a look at some of the most notorious ‘bans’ in history, and pose the question: is prohibition good for business?

Iceland’s 2018 Christmas advert

Already tipped to be one of the most popular Christmas adverts of all time, Iceland’s story of Rang-tan the orangutan has never actually been shown on TV. Promoting the plight of the orangutan – of which 25 die each day, due to the palm oil industry – advert regulator, Clearcast, … Read on

Effective work

We do effective work, that gets the right results. It’s not just pretty – although it might be – or sounds good. It’s work that works. 

It’s generally a shock when you tell clients for the first time that you’re intention isn’t always to make them happy. Happiness is a poor measure of the success of work anyway, you tell them. A frown, or look of abject terror, is usually the response. We’ve typically only been working together at that point for a few days, or haven’t even started.

But, we explain, ‘happiness is the journey, not the goal.’ Ok, so we … Read on

What’s on: December

There is always so much going on at this time of year, it’s difficult to keep up. I have tried to include a variety of events for December hopefully there will be something to interest you. Although some Christmas events are inevitably included, there are a few other interesting events too. Visit Liverpool have done my job for me here anyway, with their comprehensive guide to all things Christmas in the city.

Some of the lesser-known December days to be celebrated include International Ninja Day on 5th December (should we actually know this?), Put On Your Own Shoes DayRead on

Horror business

What is it about being frightened that speaks to us on such a visceral level? Anyone with even a base level of psychological knowhow will probably tell you it’s an instinctive feeling from being hunter gatherers and being hunted and yadda yadda yadda something about your childhood.

But why now, in a world of instant noodles and Netflix do we still get a kick out of being petrified?

Before I start, I barely fall into this camp. I like a good spook, but on my own terms. I’ve been asked to go to … Read on

Reasons why we’re glad Summer is over (until it gets too cold)

Summer gets an easy ride. The proverbial life of the party, the time of year that is celebrated the most in popular culture and good music (hey now, if Roy Ayers loves the sunshine then who are we to argue?)

But is summer that great really? Especially as Brits, we think we want constant glorious weather, baking hot sunshine, long days turning into long nights, but we can’t handle it and, well, it can be a bit crap.

Now, I’m not claiming to talk for anyone but myself here, but I’m quite glad that summer is behind us for another … Read on