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0993022154.IN02We’ve spent the last few months working with the team from Ph Creative in Liverpool on their new Inbound Marketing book, Getting Goosebumps. They’re digital marketing experts, and, in the book, share their ideas and advice for creating an authentic, effective online personality. Ph’s clients include brands like Dulux, Virgin Media, Tesco Opticians, LinkedIn and the NHS – Getting Goosebumps is all about creating a genuine connection with your clients and customers online, recognising what they need  and creating a brand appeal that keeps people coming back.

And, being experts in online marketing, it’s been great to see the book climb to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists, based on its advance sales alone. In the week before it was released, it hit the top spot in Amazon’s Product Management category, was ranked second in their Sales and Marketing Management section and fifth in E-Commerce.

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The launch of the paperback also coincides with an eBook version, available via Kindle and iBooks. The next part of the project is to release it as an audiobook, which will be available from Audible and iTunes over the summer. So, if you want to hear what other people think of it, here are a couple of the reviews we’ve had to far:

Wow! This book is simply amazing. Bryan and Dave have created a single source of all the current marketing theory best bits in an easy to read, relatable and practical way. This should be every digital marketer s bible from here on in. From start to finish, you are led through top line strategic viewpoints; through practical tactical examples, and you are supported all the way with additional resources, which means you can’t fail – at marketing your business effectively or in your career as a marketer. This book is what everyone I know will be getting for Christmas, regardless of whether they’re in marketing or not!

Clair Bush, Broadbean Technology

Great advice throughout, illustrated with brilliant quotes and stories. Bryan and Dave have included stacks of links to useful info and practical examples for you to do and try.

Andy Bounds: Sales Expert and Best-Selling Author

Getting Goosebumps is available online from Amazon, and in all good bookshops. It’s 230 pages of top marketing know-how, with an easy-to-follow plan to help you create your own Inbound Marketing strategy.

ISBN: 978-0993022159

RRP: £12


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